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From October 2015 the MRCLC was selected as a regional service provider with QSTARS (Queensland Statewide Tenant Advice and Referral Service), operated by Tenants Queensland Inc. The program is based on initial tenancy advice and referral information being obtained from Tenants Queensland's QSTARS team on 1300 744 263. Please call the QSTARS number first unless your matter is urgent or you require face to face assistance at our office or one of our outreach locations (Mackay, Bowen, Sarina, Proserpine or Cannonvale).


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I confirm the above information is true and correct. I authorise the MRCLC to destroy this advice form and any other documents or letters, including all contents of my client file in this matter that are in the MRCLC’s possession from 7 years after (a) the date of this advice or, if applicable, (b) the end of any casework they perform in this matter. I consent to my de-identified information (that is, not using my real name) being used by the MRCLC in their reports to funding bodies, funding submissions or any other way they consider appropriate. I consent to MRCLC reporting to Tenants Queensland that my referral was actioned and of any relevant outcomes.

The information you provide will not be shown to people outside of Centre staff and volunteers unless you give permission or as required by law, other than where it is necessary to comply with the requirements of our professional indemnity insurance cover and/or our national Community Legal Centre accreditation scheme requirements. I have read and understand the Client Charter or been offered the opportunity to read the Client Charter, if appointment is by phone.