Community Legal Centres


About Us 

The Centre receives funding from the Commonwealth and Queensland governments, which is administered by Legal Aid Queensland.


In Queensland, community legal centres (CLCs) have over 30 years of service delivery experience providing information, advice, referral, community legal education, casework and representation to the community. There are 34 independent community legal centres in Queensland and over 200 throughout Australia.

In 2014/15 CLCs nationally:

  • assisted 216,876 clients
  • provided 271,695 individual advices
  • had 82,396 active cases
  • opened 54,917 cases

Our Vision

To enable the most disadvantaged in the Mackay, Isaac and Whitsunday regions to understand the legal system, their rights and to enforce those rights by adopting a holistic approach, including incorporating advice, community legal education and to seek legal change where there are inequalities in the law.